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What Helps Me Get Out Of A Meh Mood, Quickly

Do I wake up motivated and energized everyday? Damn no.

I also get days were im lacking motivation. Days where my brain can’t seem to focus. Hormonal days. Physically lazy days.

Yes, we all have DAYS. And we have to understand that IT. IS. OKAY. Allow yourself to have those days.

The problem comes when lazy & unmotivated days become your normal. That’s when you need to recognize the root of the problem and do something about it, a change deep down.

So what helps me on MEH days? + my morning skincare routine + putting some extra eyeliner & mascara on + meeting with energizing & good vibe friends + doing a fun activity w the munckin + being active & outdoors + playing some fun music + going over the to-do list and doing at least 1 + drinking a healthy green smoothie + doing a face mask & bath to end the day + having a good phone conversation with a friend

Today is a new day, and I woke up motivated and ready to kick a$$! If you feed into the meh energy, if you allow that to rule your day, it can then lead to worse days to follow. And can quickly become a cycle. Then you are in trouble!

Although PS, I totally agree, there are some particular days where you just NEED TO ALLOW YOURSELF to do absolutely nothing (as much as a toddler lets you). But it’s ultimately up to us to recognize those days, and the days where we just need a little extra push

It’s up to you to decide how you want to feel and treat your body to what it deserves.

Some extra love & pampering never hurt nobody.



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