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What I Never Imagined I Would Do As A Mom

I always dreamed about being a mom, and my motherhood journey, but I NEVER would have imagined that

I would breastfeed for over two years

I would have two epidural free births

I would have two out-of-hospital births

I would have my toddler in my 2nd birth

I would keep growing my business while being w my babies

I would choose to work from home

I would think of the possibility of homeschooling

There are SO many things I didn’t think I would do as a mom. And yet, when the time comes, I do things differently than I thought!

You truly discover how you want to do things as a mom, as you grow and evolve through motherhood, while trusting your gut and following your instincts.

And it’s ok to change your mind and ways along the way!

So don’t let society or your surroundings tell you how to do things, choose for YOURself & your family.

Don’t judge moms for THEIR choices. You never know what you’d do if you were in their exact shoes.

And don’t feel alone if no one else around you is doing things the same way, there’s not one correct way of being a mommy.

We are not here to compare or shame.

We are here to share.

To get inspired.

To be understood.

To normalize the craziness.

To understand other perspectives.

You do you, mama. Have peace of mind that this way, will always be the best way


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