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What I Outgrew as a Mom

We grow, evolve, and outgrow. And that’s okay 👋🏼

I outgrew a lot of things since becoming a mom:

❌ Saying yes when I mean no

❌ Late nights

❌ Sleeping in

❌ Watching TV

❌ Allowing unsolicited advice

❌ The city life

❌ Working all day

❌ Allowing people to cross my boundaries

❌ Closed & small minded pwople

And you know why it’s totally okay?

✔️Moving on from old habits means you are moving ahead

✔️ Outgrowing things means you are listening to your current new needs

✔️ Best friends don’t need to be forever, you can have different best friends in different life stages that match your new interests and lifestyle

✔️New values usually mean increased self-worth

✔️Evolving usually comes from learning and setting better and healthier boundaries

Be okay with changing, especially as you become a mom and grow through the motherhood journey, one of the biggest life changes. Do you with no regrets ✨

What have you outgrown since becoming a mom?


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