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Why Wait?

I have always been someone to go after what I wanted, without waiting for it to be the "right time". I just jumped in and followed my dreams. Did I fail? Plenty! Did I end up succeeding? Not always. Was it worth it then? Without a doubt.

Because I either learned from my failures, tried again, and ended up succeeding, or the failures re-routed me somewhere better.

I often hear people tell me "when this happens, I will do this". But really, why wait?

The perfect time does not exist. There will always be something currently going on, coming up, or unexpected things popping.

I was 23 when I launched my own business, was I ready? No. Did I learn how to become a business owner as I went? Yes! It took me 5-6 years to be profitable, but I made it through, and I can now live from my dream business that keeps on growing. Do I regret starting “too” early? Hell no!

When my business started picking up and growing, I decided to have a baby. Did I ever doubt that it would make my business slow down? Sure I did! Did it? Nope. Instead I forced myself to adapt to the changes and learned how to keep growing, without sacrificing on mom life priorities.

Sofia was 3 months when she started traveling the world, we went to Barcelona to meet my family as her first trip. Was I ready to travel internationally with a baby? No! Did it go perfectly smoothly? No. Did we have the best time of our lives? YES. Did it get easier to travel with her as she grew? HELL NO! So again, why wait?

Yes, there are SOME things that CAN wait, but there are other experiences in life that are worth jumping into, without thinking too much, start working towards those goals, book that trip, join that class, send that message, leave that job, start that business..


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