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Why We Should Keep Caffeine Intake To A Minimum

How to keep up with a newborn, baby or toddler? Read why my answer is NOT caffeine.

Society makes us think that it’s okay for moms to have more coffee because we need to keep up, to make up with the lack of sleep, to deal with toddler energy, and to get so much done. There’s tons of memes, shirts & funny jokes about moms and caffeine. And trust me, I GET it. There’s tons of days I wake up and NEED my coffee. But actually, TOO MUCH caffeine does us more HARM than good.

When Sofia was born, I decided to give up on coffee completely during the newborn stage (I know, that sounds crazy since I was getting a total of 2-4h of sleep per day during at least the first three months). But I knew that I wanted to listen to my body and REST physically and mentally if I needed it, versus being caffeinated FIGHTING what my body was asking for.

I actually made it to SIX months with ZERO coffee and only 1 tea per day. Still waking about 3-4 times per night during that whole first half year, AND still working every day and having no family or help around since the day she was born. Yup, I made it caffeine-free.

Since six months on, Ive had a cup per day (espresso shot with almond milk) in the AM, mainly because I do love the taste of a warm cup of coffee in the morning, AND the little kick it gives me. But I do understand how much harm and addiction it gives us.

Here are the top reasons why we should keep caffeine to a MINIMUM.

1. Makes us more nervous

2. Makes us more anxious

3. Makes us more stressed

4. Can lead to depression

5. It does not help with concentration

6. It gives us difficulties sleeping

7. It kicks up our blood pressure

8. Caffeinated drinks contain empty calories and make us fill up on those instead of intaking better nutrients

9. It causes the body to dehydrate

10. Does not help your skin

11. It does not help with weight loss, if you want to lose postpartum weight

Coffee is also addicting and the more we have the more we need. Simple. I do feel the energy with an espresso shot! So even the days I “need” it, a little goes a long way.

My fav energizing alternatives? Tea (chai & matcha are my fav), kombucha & green juices.


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