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You need a break!

I often get asked how I do it all, what I do when I feel like I can’t do it all / can’t keep up / when I get overwhelmed for having too much on my plate.

The answer? I never think I can’t do it all. I simply know, it’s time for a break!

I try to be conscious about it and prevent instead of curing, planning my weeks with some time blocked for alone pampering & self-care, family travel & new activities.

But as moms, we know that often times, things don’t go as planned. Kids don’t collaborate and we can’t make it to our plans, the house gets messy and it piles up, we are too sleep deprived to focus... What we need to understand is that those days are normal, it’s part of life, we don’t need to listen to the social pressure of “doing it all, always” because to do it all, we NEED breaks.

They can be as simple as putting all things planned aside and tiding the house to feel more organized and be able to be productive tomorrow; going on a long stroller walk with music; leaving the kids with the hubby and catching up with a friend over coffee on a Saturday morning; a shower with exfoliating scrub and face mask to feel renewed; or watching a movie with the fireplace on and a yummy treat when the kids go to bed.

Breaks can be so different, they can even be done with your babies.

We need to understand that breaks NEED to be part of our routine - even if they are spontaneous. Accept that your body is telling you to take one. And do it. You’ll be most productive tomorrow and make up for the “lost” time.

Take a break before you break!


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