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6 Tips To Standing Out Online (Business Or Personal)

Of course, Instagram usually highlights life's best moments. That's why I love to focus so much on my content, on what's behind. I like to make sure I not only share my happy times and fun trips through images, but also to share my struggles, challenges, obstacles, and everything I have had to overcome to get to where I am, through my captions as well.

I get tons of weekly messages about "how to grow & stand out on Instagram” for business and personal, here are my top 6 tips.

1. Be real. Nothing attracts users more than reading personal experiences & storytelling, genuine, authentic, relatable stuff.

2. QUALITY over quantity, always. A LOT of people can't relate to my story or mindset. And that's fine. If my page is not for you, I totally understand. Don’t let that get to you.

3. Have a mission. Whether it is to spread a specific message of awareness, help others, or sell a product. Have one. Although sometimes the mission evolves with you. I did not wake up one day and say "I am going to start sharing tips on how to be a boss mom" lol, no. But i did start my page to empower others and since I became a mom I’ve been breaking down how exactly I do things because of numerous requests.

4. Be unique. This platform is SO saturated. Being unique is hard. But DON'T COPY ANYONE. I see people copying exact hashtags, exact daily topics, engaging with the exact followers... I manage nearly 20 accounts for clients within the same industries and nothing works the same way two of them! Do your own thing and discover what works for you.

5. Share what you are good at. Don't force it. For example, I have always been that girl who everyone goes to for advise and help. It truly comes naturally to me to share and help. I enjoy it and I am good at it.

6. Engage & respond. I understand that if you have a million followers it's hard to reply to every comment and every DM. But, if you want to create good quality following you do need to respond to every customer / "follower" and engage, create relationships, because this is actually a two way communication platform.


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