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Beckham's First Weeks: 6-12weeks, week by week

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

To check his patterns 0-6 weeks go here


- Sleep a total of 14-16h per every 24h

- Awake windows should be from 1h to 2h (1.5h is best to avoid over stimulation) - Every awake window should include at least one full feeding

- Longest stretch of nighttime sleep 6h approx

- Bedtime between 8 and 10pm

- 3 to 4 naps a day (no set schedule yet)

- Naps from 30min to 3h

- Day should start around 6-8am




He kept waking around 8am and definitely started being more awake during the day, more interactive and more responsive. Wanting our attention, smiles and play.

He usually cat napped all day but started doing one slightly longer nap mid day which was very helpful!

He still was nursing pretty much every hour during the day and woke to nurse every 2-3h at night (with some random stretches of 4h, not too often).

The witching hours seemed to get way better and kinda starting to fade. Bedtime was still 930pm.



The first developmental leap began and he definitely became more fussy during the day, clingy, wanting only mom, needing more attention, waking a little more often...

To help them go through this leap you simply need to give them the attention they crave, comforting if they cry, breaks if they get fussy, physical contact, talking to them reassuring, playing more, applauding and encouraging....

He kept going to bed around 930pm and waking every 2-3h with some random stretches of 4h. Up for the day at 8am.



By this time his first leap ended and he now could hold his head perfectly, look at more complex shapes and colors, make more sounds, and attempt to grab objects!

This week he also started sleeping stretches of 4h with some random exceptions of 3h, yay for progress.

Bedtime was still around 9-930pm and wakes now around 7am.



He started doing SOME nights with stretches of 5h (not too often), one 4h stretch was more normal, and with some days where he only did 2-3h stretches consecutively and no long stretch.

This week he also started to increase the longer mid-day nap, and he seemed to do a more "set" nap schedule.

Bedtime now was 9pm and awake time 7am.



This week I saw a huge change: for the first time 7h night stretches (when I say 7h, it means one stretch of 7h, and the rest of 2-3h). With some days of 4-5h stretches only, but Sofia never made it to any days of 7h stretches until 2 years old, so I did see a big progress with B every week.

Bedtime of 9pm approx and awake at 7am.

Still feeding often during the day to compensate the night, which I don't mind.

He also continued doing the more set schedule one mid-day longer nap of 2h for the first time, which was amazing and Sofia never did this until past the year lol.

I will write the schedule once its really settled, more consecutively, once he is 3 months probably.



This is the last week they are considered newborns!

Pretty much did the same as before, usually his night wakes are 1am, 3am, 5am, 7am up for the day.



For this period of weeks I still recommend having the swing, bouncer & dockatot so you can enjoy some arm-free time. The mid-day nap he typically does in the swing, which I don't mind, at around 6 months is when I do a set 3 nap x day schedule and naps in the bassinet in the room.

I also love a good carrier like this one, home & outings.

And this play gym (0-12months) is also a game changer for these weeks, it comes with developmental activities and he is entertained there for at least 20min x 3 times a day (right after wakes).

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