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Best Foods To Support Breastfeeding

Updated: Oct 4, 2018

Here’s the LIST OF TOP FOODS NEEDED TO SUPPORT BREASTFEEDING for high milk production & baby’s best development:

- Eggs - Fish (limit to 3 servings per week. Clear of high mercury seafood like tuna) - Yogurt

- Keifer

- Carrot - Cucumber - Hummus

- Nuts - Beans (when passed through breast milk, they won’t give your baby gas) - Spinach - Kale - Chia seeds - Broccoli - Oatmeal (avoid pre-packed, they tend to be high in sugar) - Folic acid supplement - Whole grain bread/pasta/rice (I have one serving of one per day) - Blackstrap Molasses (best source of natural calcium. I add a teaspoon in my daily smoothie. Super important to keep your bones healthy and strong while breastfeeding)

*of course adapt the list to you & your baby’s requirements (dietary restrictions / intolerance).

FOR MORE ON MY NUTRITION You can see an example of “what I eat in a day” here.

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