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Easy Ways To Help Small Businesses

Isolating at home during quarantine, with my family, while keeping up with our work feels like a luxury right now, and I definitely don't take it for granted.

There are a ton of people who have lost their job or needed to temporarily close their businesses, they simply have no work-at-home option, and many of those were living paycheck to paycheck, while others still need to go to work, putting their life & their families life at risk. Not easy scenarios.

So now more than ever, be conscious of how and where you shop, and the actions you take that can help many. Here are a few easy ideas to help each other.

1. Let's shop local when we have an option. Order food from a local restaurant, shop online through a small boutique. If you are going to spend money on essentials or items, help those who depend on you to survive.

2. Share, like and engage with posts from online shops & influencers who are providing useful services or content during this time. It's free + helpful for you, and they need your support now more than ever.

3. Buy gift cards or packages from businesses that have had to close, to provide them with some income through this time, and that you'll be able to use once everything goes back to normal.


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