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Entrepreneur Spirt. Are You Born With It?

I completely agree to the saying "you are born with the entrepreneurial spirit".

When I was 10, I had my first business. I created and sold jewelry in my beach town, Sitges. I would design it during the day and sell it on the boardwalk in the evening, when people were taking their strolls to the village. I loved to "run my business". I did not "need" the money and I definitely was not forced to it. But, I had something in me that called for it, I loved every part of it and choose to spend my summer evenings this way instead of playing with kids my age.

Since then, I ALWAYS had a business of some kind. Even if some were not making money, I planned courses, trips, and spent a lot of my childhood years "playing business" because I wanted to. If something did not work, I moved on to the next.

I know that, the entrepreneurial spirit is in my blood and natural skills. There are certain qualities that are required to be an entrepreneur: salesmanship, independent, understanding of customers, consumer attention, patient and persistence.

There are some characteristics in work and life that you just can't teach. You can work on them, but they come from within.

How to know if you are born with it? Aside from the qualities mentioned above.

1) You are always in-tune with your passion and dreams. Have a deep desire about your goals, are enthusiastic about them and deeply understand about it/have done all your research. When you are genuinely passionate about the issues you are trying to solve and you put all your energy on solving any challenges that stand in your way.

2) You are always questioning how you can grow and do better. You can't help it but to improve yourself and your projects on the daily. You are always creating change. You always have new ideas and are constantly brainstorming.

3) You are always optimistic and never doubt yourself. Challenges are exciting. You love to push your boundaries. You never consider failing or not being able to accomplish something.

4) You have a high tolerance for risk, you jump blindly into action, you know that success is never guaranteed. But it does not scare you.

5) You always take action, above all. There's not only a plan, but an action behind it. You know that ideas are meaningless until they are acted on. Execution is everything when it comes to success or failure. No matter the circumstances, you get it done.

t’s just not. Of course, you can be an entrepreneur and not have the skills in your DNA, but, it take much more if it does not come natural to you.

Do you have the entrepreneurial spirit?


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