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Everyday Immune Support Vitamins For Baby & Toddler

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

I am someone who loves to focus on FOOD as immune support. I take food seriously as I know it's what fuels our body to work right. I work with a pediatric nutritionist for solid introduction and make sure they always eat balanced and all the nutrients needed.

Best tips for natural immune support

  • Whole foods

  • Minimal processed foods

  • Minimal added sugars

  • Balanced nutrition

  • Balanced meals

  • No dairy drinks

  • No juice drinks

  • Water

  • Breastmilk

  • Fresh air

  • Sunshine

  • Active life

However, I do give them a few daily immune boosting vitamins especially when weather changes, or during sniffle season. See below, also linking the cold/cough syrups I use by age, that only when needed:

BABY 2m/4m+

  1. Vitamin D drops code laurag, daily

  2. Multivitamin drops code laurag daily

  3. Immune support drops code laurag (only if sniffle season or if cold/sick)

  4. Feel better kit cold/cough syrup (if sick/cold, and only over 4m) code laurag


  1. Elderberry Syrup code laurag (3/week)

  2. Vitamin D daily

  3. Cold/Cough syrup: only if sick/cold and over 1, code laurag


  1. Elderberry pops code laurag (3/week)

  2. Vitamin D daily

  3. Cold/Cough syrup: Only if sick/cold, same one as over 1, code laurag

KIDS 4+ Daily sugar-free gummy multivitamins by Ritual code Gimbert10 for 10% off the first three months! It is formulated with picky eaters in mind and fills in the gaps in her diet for nutrient support and foundational health including bone, brain, digestive and immune. I still give her elderberry pops every other day, vitamin c & d, and zinc daily for extra immune support too!

If your baby has a cold or is sick, here's everything else I do:


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