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Example Of What I Eat In A Day

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

To keep fit, healthy, energized and support BREASTFEEDING:

- Breakfast 8am: Three scrambled eggs, half banana, half orange, a scoop of cottage cheese and a slice of wheat toast. Coffee almond latte.

- 10a: green juice.

- Morning snack 12p: yogurt w almond butter.

- Lunch 2p: Kale & spinach salad with walnuts, tomatoes, quinoa, carrots & avocado. Kombucha.

- Mid-afternoon/pre workout snack 4p: Protein shake smoothie (almond milk, protein powder, chia & flax seeds, berries, matcha collagen, super food powder, oats, blackstrap molasses & brewer's yeast)

- 6p post workout snack: recovery bar.

- 8p Dinner: Salmon with steamed broccoli & asparagus (I have fish 3 times per week and avoid fish high in mercury)

- Pre-bed: 10pm Magnesium water

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