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How To Make Money From Home, Now

Updated: Jan 19, 2019

This is a topic I get asked about often as most of you are moms or expecting moms and want to work from home. Today I will focus on how to MAKE MONEY FROM HOME, NOW

If you are in school and need a part time income from home, if you just had a baby and want to make money from home temporarily until the baby is old enough to go to preschool and you can get back to a 9-5 job, if you never had a job but now are a stay at home mom and need some extra income to bring to the household while you are with your baby, or if you just NEED quick money/income now. Here are a few ideas:

1. Work as a virtual assistant. A virtual assistant offers PA services but, online. You can choose your schedule and hours, and you can do it from the comfort of your home. What does a virtual assistant do? Research, respond emails, administrative work... The average is $15/hour and of course depends on how much work you do. If you do well, it can be really stable income. Fav websites to get started: and

2. Pet sit. If you are an animal lover you can simply enroll to one of those apps where you offer your pet sitting services (boarding, which means the pets come to stay with you). Enrolling is easy, you set your rates and your availability and the clients bring their pets to you. You can select how many pets you want to take at once and, you get paid through the mobile app. You can also let them know if you only want to accept small dogs for example, and refuse to take certain breeds. I would recommend starting at a lower market price (see what other sitters in your area are charging per hour and lower it a bit) to secure your first set of clients, and once you have a few great reviews, you can up your fee to match, and go up from there. It depends on how many days you have pets over, and how many pets, but the average rates are $20-$50 per day per pet. It will never be stable income, but once you become a regular sitter you get returning customers and new ones, you can make a good monthly. Fav app: Rover.

3. Become an online English teacher: You will teach kids abroad with one-on-one online classes from your home. You can choose your own hours and days, and earn up to $22/h. Here is a website to get you started for US & Canadian residents only Vip Kid For other countries, maybe you can teach your language online? Look into that!

4. Start selling things you don't use: old baby items, clothes and accessories you don't wear. There are so many apps that allow you to have mini home stores. If you dedicate the time to go through everything you really don't use, take good photos and promote those items nicely, you can make quick and easy money while cleaning your space. Fav apps: poshmark for clothes and letgo + offerup are my favorites to sell things. This is great especially to get out of a bumpy situatio.

These home part times don't require much time to start making money. Just a bit of research and boom, you can start making an income from the comfort of your house. In an upcoming post, I will be sharing ideas on how to start a business, which can OF COURSE be done from home too! But those ideas will be different: they will require to invest more time to start making money, but, they will more likely be your passion! Stay tuned.

PS: Remember, you don't need to stick to one, you can do a couple or more of the above, and if you invest more effort, you can make a full time income.

You can also do the above to make immediate money WHILE starting a business (investing time with no income at first...). Once the business takes off economically, then you can balance the quick money making ideas out

For more personalized BUSINESS coaching, you can always book coaching sessions with me! Where I can coach you through prioritizing, time management, balancing work and baby, pitching yourself, creating a plan, and starting your own business & promoting it o find clients through digital marketing.

* Note some apps and websites are US only, these are the ones I know. Maybe look for similar services in your country!

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