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My Weekly Self-Care Routine

Aside from my daily morning and nighttime skincare routines (which are very complete) this is the routine that I do once a week. Usually on Sundays but honestly, if there is ever a day I feel a bit low energy, or in needs of that extra self-care session, this is what I do!

I have also linked a two-step easy fix for days where you just need an extra pick me up for your skin, or mood :)

Check it out and let me know if you try any of the products or include these steps too, I feel like I am so refreshed and pampered after!

1. Wash face with a purifying cleanser

Love this all natural cleanser with superfoods and antioxidants (use code PRBOSSBABE for a discount on any Tula products) shop

2. Shower with all natural, organic, full body & face scrub

It leaves your skin soft, glowing, hydrated, nourished, without flaky skin, and helps fight any breakouts, acne or marks! Linking my two ultimate body favorites: shop & shop

This one is my fav natural scrub for the face (use code PRBOSSBABE for a discount) shop

3. Natural Bath Soak

Only if you take a bath, try soaking with CALM SALTS before scrubbing shop

4. Wash & condition hair, Paraben, Silicone, SLS Free

I love this fresh shampoo shop

I love this mint conditioner for Pollution-Exposed Hair shop

5. Purify Scalp Cleanser

I love this one made with grapefruit, enroll, cypress and other pure flower and plant essences. It exfoliates and removes pollution - creating a clean scalp without impurities, for beautiful hair and a refreshed feeling. shop

6. Deep condition ends

I love this Avocado and Coconut Hair Mask for Dry Damaged Hair, to use on my ends shop

7. Body Nourishment Post-Shower

A) I love to use butter if its the morning shop

b) I love to use body oil if its the night shop

8. Steam face

A session of steamer before your skincare routine will help all products be absorbed best, while quickly opening the pores, for improved blood circulation and cell vitality for a healthier younger looking complexion, reducing acne and blackheads too! shop

9. In-home Microdemabrasion

Removes dead cells and blackheads, and keeps a youthful smooth skin shop

10. Full day or nighttime skincare routine

See my morning skincare routine here

See my nighttime skincare routine here

11. Dry your hair

I love this dryer shop


Now, if you don't have that much time, or want a little pick-me up, re-boost self-care session. Do this quick steps!

A. Pink clay mask, all natural. It detoxifies, brightens and minimizes the appearance of pores in just 10 minutes. And makes your skin feel so smooth! shop

B. Hydration mask shop OR face oil for even quicker results

Either one will give you the perfect hydration and glow after the clay mask and leave you looking and feeling incredible. shop

C. Eye patches. Perfect quick fix after a rough night or before a big event. Try this pack infuesed with tea. shop

You will LOVE the results and feel so refreshed!


If you are NOT pregnant I also love this in-home pampering treatments




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