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New Mom Registry List Fully Linked

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

Here is the ULTIMATE registry list.

However, you don't NEED it all. So I am marking the MUST HAVES (or priority essentials, let's say, because you can live without many, they are just extra comfortable to have) in bolt.

If you are a second time mom, check this post instead!

I am also adding the brands that I loved most. But if an item was expensive, I also searched for a cheaper (yet similar) alternative.

PS: Everything is linked on Amazon so you can create your registry there, easily!

If you have any questions, comment on this IG post and I will get back to you there!




1. Laundry Detergent Fragance Free Nonallergenic Nontoxic shop

(Formulated without: parabens, sulfates, phthalates, mineral oil, petrolatum, artificial fragrances or dyes. Formulated with: plant derived and certified organic)

2. Dryer Balls 100% natural softener, biodegradable, free of dyes and chemicals shop

3. Multi Surface Fragance Free Wipes shop

Formulated without: ammonia, bleach, phthalates, sulfates. Plant derived cleaning power

4. Non toxic hand soap for mom & family members shop

5. Large dirty clothes bin shop girl, shop boy



I am not marking the pump/bottles as necessity because you don't NEED to pump if you plan to be with baby at all times, and all that does become more expensive.

1. Bottles (my fav) shop

2. Pump

a) Regular double shop

b) Manual single shop

c) Wireless & Hands Free shop (code LAURAGIMBERT15 gives you 15% off)

3. Nursing pillow

a) shop

b) shop

4. Bra

a) nursing shop

b) pumping shop

5. Drying rack

a) shop

b) shop

6. Organic nipple balm shop

7. Nursing bra pads shop

8. Burp cloths shop

9. Bottle warmer shop

Check which bottles fit

10. Formula mixer shop

If you do formula feed all the time, I have heard this is a life saver and good investment

11. Popsicle maker (also good for breast milk ones for teething) shop



Definitely not a necessity to get these items before the baby is born since you won't use them until they are 6 months and older. However, if you can add them now, you'll get some items out of the way so you can save some money, and six months will fly by!

1. High Chair

a) Magnet, easy to clean, modern shop

b) More traditional style shop

2. Dishes with dividers

a) shop

b) shop

3. Utensils

a) Spoons shop

b) First Self feed utensils anti-choke shop

4. Feeding pacifier shop

5. Food maker Baby Cook shop

6. Sippy cups

a) 360 trainer cup with Handles shop

b) 360 trainer cup with No Handles shop

c) Latch transition cup shop

d) Straw shop

7. Re-usable pouches for homemade food shop

8. Puree storage shop

9. Bibs shop

10. Snack on-the-go shop



1. All purpose Organic balm shop

Plant-Based Hypoallergenic Skin Care Organic Sunflower, Olive, Coconut and Tamanu Oil Soothe

2. Ultra Calming Shampoo & Body Soap without harsh chemicals or synthetic fragrances shop

* I did NOT use shampoo / soap until she was a few months old, so I wouldn't call it urgent

3. Bath Tub:

a) Simple, for first few months shop

b) With a scale to track baby's growth, and grows to sitting baby size shop

c) The same style as B but without the scale and 1/3 of the price shop

4. Premium Organic Washcloths shop gray, shop white

5. Organic Baby Towels shop

6. Toys

You won't need bath toys just yet either. But here are some of my favorite early baby bath toys:

Duck shop

Little Squirts shop

Water Books shop

And this to keep all the toys tidy shop



1. Diapers: Eco-Friendly | Plant-Derived Materials | Hypoallergenic

Size newborn

Size 1 shop

Size 2 shop

Size 3 shop

Size 4 shop

If you have home storage space, I would recommend adding more diapers as a top priority in your registry list, 2 for each other stage, that will save you $400, it's an "easy" gift, and you'll def use them all eventually and will save you money down the line.

2. Baby wipes: Hypoallergenic & Plant Based shop

Again, I would add 2 to 5 of these wipe packages, if you have storage space. You'll definitely end up using them all too and are convenient to have during the first months, without reordering constantly!

3. Diaper Pail shop

4. Diaper Pail Bags shop

5. Fresheners for diaper pail shop

6. Changing pad

a) Peanut: Easy to Clean / non toxic / limits bacteria growth shop

b) Hatch: Same as above but also tracks weight gain with incorporated scale shop

c) Fabric Changing pad shop + organic changing cover shop

I am not marking this essential because honestly, you can and prob will change your baby anywhere with a mobile pad or towel around the house.

7. On-The-Go Changing Station shop

This is so useful for the home, or when out.



1. Bassinet

a) This is OUR cosleeper, it levels to your bed and is simply a safe extension I love it shop

b) This is a much cheaper alternative of the same concept, over half the price shop

c) This is more of a regular bassinet, bed side, not extension of bed shop

d) This great/cheaper option, it has wheels to move around, we had it for downstairs shop

2. Crib

a) 3-in-1 convertible to toddler bed crib shop

b) A similar convertible crib version as above, slightly cheaper shop

b) And an even cheaper convertible crib shop

3. Non Toxic Crib Mattress shop

And organic natural mattress cover waterproof protector shop

4. 100% Organic Cotton Mattress Cover shop

5. Crib Mobile shop

6. Rocker or Glider shop

7. Dresser

a) With changing table space) shop

b) A beautiful option, without the special space but that can be added on top shop

8. Blankets

a) Organic Cable Knit Blanket shop

b) Organic Swaddle, receiving, stroller blanket shop

c) Organic Quilt blanket shop

9. Sound Machine / Night Light

a) Night Light + Sound Machine shop

b) Same as above (2x1) cheaper version shop

c) Just sound machine (portable) shop

d) Just night light shop

10. Baby Monitor

a) With over the crib wall mount shop

b) With two monitors (one mini) shop

c) With two cameras and one monitor (for two rooms) shop

d) A fun cheaper alternative, with wall mount + no monitor shop

11. Lounger

a) Dockatot (this one was Sofia's fav) shop

b) Snuggle Me Organic (NOTE this one is not made to sleep unsupervised) shop

This isn't necessarily a necessity but if you can, prioritize it as it is very comfortable to have to bring the baby anywhere around the house with you

Other non-essential items to consider

- Decor

- Mirror

- Books

- Rug

I love Project Nursery for a ton of nursery inspiration & products!



1. Baby Gym

a) Wooden shop

b) Fabric shop

c) Our fav one with developmental activities for 0-12 shop

2. Swing

a) Side by side (was Sofia's fav and is cheapest) shop

b) 5 unique motions shop

3. Lounger: A great option to move around the house, and cheapest shop

4. Activity Center shop

5. Portable Play yard shop

6. Developmental BABY Toys

a) Wooden percussion eggs shop

b) Rattle & Teether bigger & wood shop

c) Rattle & teether wood shop

d) Rattle & teether silicone shop

e) Teddy shop

f) Subscription boxes (I love these two because I get developmental toys by age every time their stage changes, so I can keep them entertained & learning with age appropriate activities)

- Kiwi (code LAURA gives you 30% off the first box)



1. Pacifiers

a) Traditional shop

b) Toy duck shop

c) Toy bunny shop

2. Nails

a) clipper shop

b) automatic filer shop

3. Thermometer shop

4. Humidifier/difusser

a) Humidifier shop

b) Humidifier & difusser & nightlight 3in1 shop

5. Organic Vitamin D drops shop

6. Nasal Aspirator shop

7. Pacifier Baby Medicine Dispenser shop

8. Nontoxic Sunscreen (don't use until 6 months, so not urgent) shop

9. Vapor bath drops shop

10. Package from Wellements (non-gmo, no preservatives, certified organic)

Use code laura15 for up to 35% off the whole purchase*

For newborn I use:

- Vitamin D drops (since day 1)

- Probiotic drops (since day 1)

- Gripe Water for Day & Night (both to have handy for when they have gas the first weeks!)

For 4 months:

- Tooth oil (when the gums start to hurt)

For 6 months:


- The baby feel better package to have handy if they ever get under the weather/cough

*If you buy 3 you get 25% off; if you buy 4 you get 30% off; and with 5 you get 35% off



1. Nontoxic Infant car seat

I recommend always getting one that adapts to your stroller as a travel system.

I love the UPPA Baby MESA in HENRY shop and JORDAN shop (the only two non toxic colors)

2. Stroller. Here are some of my fav that I have tried.

a) UPPAbaby VISTA: converts into a double stroller in the future and it's my fav shop

Full travel system package with the car seat included here

b) UPPAbaby CRUZ: shop

c) Bugaboo Lynx: shop

3. Extra car seat base if you have two cars (this way you can use both cars easily)

Shop the exact brand of base from the car seat YOU choose

4. Car mirror shop

5. Car seat cover

a) My fav: also a nursing cover and other purposes 5in1 shop

b) Different style shop

c) Winter cover shop

6. Wrap (perfect for the newborn stage) shop

7. Carrier (grows with them, long term) shop

8. Super compact travel stroller

a) Fancier version shop

b) Cheaper version shop

9. Shopping cart cover shop

10. Diaper bag

a) My favorite shop

b) My second favorite shop

c) A cheaper, and comfortable/spacious option shop



Clothes are such a personal choice, but I am linking some essential styles.

Also remember: it's hard to dress newborns, and they grow FAST, so for newborns: don't get too much. Get more of sizes 0-3months and 3-6months to be prepared for the first 6 months.

1. Long sleeve 100% organic overall Jumpsuit shop

2. One-Piece short sleeve organic bodysuits shop

One-piece Long sleeve organic bodysuits shop

3. Organic Gloves shop

4. Organic Socks shop

5. Organic Jackets shop

6. Organic Hats shop

7. Organic Wearable blanket shop



Don't be afraid (or ashamed) to add these on your registry, they are more helpful than some of the non-essential baby items :) Seriously.

1. Postpatum Snacks + Meals / Meal Delivery Service

I love Cateredfit it delivers to a ton of US states, fresh (not frozen) straight to your doorstep. With locally sourced ingredients, no high fructose corn syrup, no hydrogenated oils, no modified starches, no man-added dies, no white flour or sugars... And I love that you can choose the EXACT meals that you want from vegan, pescatarian, macro meals. Use code PRBOSSBABE for a discount.

Getting credit to a delivery service like Instacart (groceries), Postmates or Uber Eats (food from restaurants) is also an awesome gift, or apps to keep in mind through postpartum.

2. At home massages or SPA treatments

There are ton of companies that offer at-home services. During the first month, I did not want to leave the house while recovering. And having an in-home mani pedi treatment, a couple of massages, and a facial, was life-changing! Happy mom, happy baby. And you don't waste time commuting so you can get it done in under an hour while daddy watches baby. Try an app called PRIV, it's my fav.

3. Cleaning crew sessions

Through postpartum all you want is to rest your body and recover, and give your baby all the snuggles. Having a cleaning crew once a week or every two weeks, to come in and deep clean the house for you, is everything.