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Potty "Training": Our Diaper Free Story

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

I didn’t follow any books or rules, so please excuse me if this story isn’t too helpful on “strategies” or “tips” because once again, I just went with the flow and followed her patterns. And experts will know probably say what I did was wrong.

But what I dreaded and thought would be a terrible & annoying process, was smooth and easy. Which to me, is priceless.

When she was 18 months I bought her a potty so she would start to get familiar with it at home.

Slowly, she started showing signs of interest. But at nearly 2 she suddenly showed me ALL the signs (take a look at my blog post Potty “training”: How to know if your toddler is ready) and since we had no more travels ahead and I was in my 2nd trimester, I thought it would be the perfect time.

I switched her to pull up diapers and told her to let me know when she needed to go.

She had been doing it on her own 50% of the time, and in a few days of actively asking and going, she told me or went every single time except poop, so I kept her pull ups, but she had no pee accidents.

A month later, by the time the lockdown began, I thought it would be the perfect time to completely remove diapers and only keep them for sleep. So she started to let me know when she wanted to poop too, and slowly became more confident.

For outings: we went potty every time we left the house and when we came back. And she got completely used to it too.

Right now she uses pull ups to sleep but she wakes up dry and goes pee right away on her own when she wakes!

She is so proud of being a big girl.

Again, every kid, environment, timeline, process, patterns and parents are different so it’s hard to compare. I am sure We will have a different experience with Beckham.

But it worked perfectly for us. She wasn’t scared or frustrated, but confident and excited. To be honest, she was ready before I was. And I’m glad I trusted her lead.

I know some parents do have timelines or rather do it differently, but again, just telling MY own experience.

Hopefully it’s somehow helpful!


This is the potty I bought.

And click here to see our night diaper-free story.

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