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Potty "Trainning": Diaper-Free At Night

Sofia’s out of diapers at night too!

If you missed out "Our Diaper Free Story" click here.

This is probably going to disappoint you because there are no tricks, training or magical spells. This is what happened.

She has been completely out of diapers except during sleep since April or May (2y3m). And of course, I didn’t want her to wake up wet & disrupt her sleep, especially since she FINALLY was sleeping through the night perfectly after two years of nonstop night wakes.

During naps, we went potty before sleep and she woke up dry 99% of the time since the beginning. But of course during night’s she woke wet often at first. Around June, she started waking dry OR waking in the middle of the night to go potty.

And around July/August (2.5y), she started refusing wearing diapers at night. She suddenly just didn’t want them at ALL.

And voila.... another drama free transition giving her freedom to do things at her own time, with no pressure, just encouragement.

Note: I understand every kid is different, and that some parents do have the rush to take their diapers off to start preschool. While others just want to do “train” during a summer where they can spend more time w them. I totally get that too! But if you can, and are flexible, don’t stress about the timeline you’ll truly see when they are ready.

And if you have doubts, you can see my blog post about all the signs they show to know when they are ready here.

This was one of the things that I was least looking forward to and let me tell you/ it was WAY easier than I thought because l let her lead the way when ready.

Let’s see what Beckham does... I know every kid is different & boys too!


This is the potty I bought.


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