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Three Things I would do Differently With My First Pregnancy

When I got pregnant at 29, I felt alone, no one provided me with the information I was looking for to know all of my options, alternatives, and everything I could do to feel at my best, give my baby the best, and have a speedy recovery emotionally and physically.

I poured all of my energy in finding valuable information to accomplish that, and I did. But it truly felt like a constant struggle to be actively seeking that knowledge to make the best decisions for my baby and me. Not for someone else.

This is why I became a doula and launched my on-demand courses, to be that friend, mentor, coach that I wish I had. Providing you with all of the tools, resources, tips, options, alternatives, and education through the whole journey from pre conception to postpartum. So that you can choose the best for YOU, in an easy-to-digest way, with full guidance every step of the way. For an empowered and informed experience, stress-free, without the work.

But of course, with all the extra things that I know now, looking back, I would do THREE things differently through my first pregnancy:

  1. Lymphatic drainage massage on my legs through my pregnancy. I actually DID know about LD massage and I did it during my first postpartum experience, to speed up recovery helping get rid of fluid retention and swelling postpartum. But knowing what I know now, I would have done it through my pregnancy too, in my legs, to help with swelling, help the flow and release of fluid in this targeted area, and help my body thrive in a healthier environment, getting rid of harmful toxic buildup, reducing inflammation and boosting the immunity through pregnancy too! Much needed.

  2. Deep core exercises. Through my first pregnancy, I kept extremely active, did the appropriate pregnancy modifications, and worked my pelvic floor which is extremely important to help reduce or avoid incontinence after pregnancy, minimize or avoid tearing when pushing, and help speed up recovery (which worked wonders). But I had the misconception that through pregnancy I shouldn't do any type of ab workout. Which is wrong. Yes, you should avoid a lot of the "regular ab exercises" like sit ups and crunches, and anything that causes coning; but there are so many safe ab exercises to strengthen the deepest ab muscles (transverse), core, and pelvic floor too. These are so important to incorporate through pregnancy to help minimize ab separation and speed up recovery too. Always seek professional guidance please! In my courses you get all the education on this too.

  3. Taking a prenatal that actually worked. Of course, I took a prenatal multi when pregnant (even before!) and I was aware of the non-synthetic ingredients that were important in it. But, little did I know that traditional prenatal and postnatal multis don't work: they only absorb 5-10%, yikes. I now know better and that's why I created Mom's Multi: the only pre and postnatal in the market made with Nutristack technology that is clinically proven to absorb at 95%, sending all vitamins and minerals straight to the bloodstream and cells, where they are needed! 100% natural, complete, with added benefits that all moms need through pregnancy, postpartum and beyond like essential nutrients, immunity, energy, brain clarity, stress relief and more! Shop here.

If you are looking for guidance through your journey (whether it's one part or it all) check out my on-demand pregnancy, birth and postpartum courses and bundles, linked here.

What would be ONE thing you'd do differently in your next pregnancy?


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