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My Schedule Habits With A Newborn

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

The first 6 weeks are completely unplanned and with zero routine. Tons of rest, snuggles, cluster feedings, and repeat.

At 6 weeks is when I started to implement some habits and patterns (some of them a little before) and slowly, create more of a routine, although ALWAYS with flexibility and remembering that the minis are the bosses and lead the show.

I am going to give you MY schedule HABITS with a newborn so that you can incorporate the ones you think will help you into your OWN schedule!

Plus, routines are the basis of stability for your babies. Establishing them will help them learn the rhythm of the day (which will help you get things done) and they will gain a sense of stability and calmness. They also help them become more independent over time because they know what to expect, what comes next.

  1. Wake up and bond with B. Change his diaper, feed him, and make him laugh. He is so happy in the morning.

  2. Drink a glass of room temperature water with lemon and apple cider vinegar to start the day. It removes toxins, helps with PH balance, improves digestion and boosts the immune system.

  3. Leave Beckham in his play gym (he is most interested right after he wakes / is rested) and do my 10 to 15min of bike intervals, until he fusses. This helps activate my body, and improve my mood and focus for the rest of the day.

  4. Eat breakfast after my bike workout.

  5. Take a 1min shower and do my morning skincare routine. Makes me feel awake, clean and ready!

  6. Make my bed & open all windows for light and fresh air.

  7. Do open play time with the kids.

  8. His awake window is 1.5h max now, so when 90min have passed, it's my turn to go to the office, I place him in the bouncer so he can take his nap and I focus on my work window with my morning collagen matcha latte. I always take advantage of his nap windows to get my office turn.

  9. Make sure I eat every two hours, either a snack or meal. Always fueling my body right with good nutrients and super foods. Check this list.

  10. Once B wakes, do open free playtime with both kids.

  11. During the midday nap time: I take advantage for my 20min workout (toning, strength & pelvic floor) + eat + work the rest of the time.

  12. I add electrolytes in my water at least twice a day for extra hydration, especially since I am breastfeeding and working out. So important. They improve exercise performance, energy, regulate nerve and muscle function, hydrate, help rebuild damaged tissue... You can shop the ones I use here and use my code LAURAGIMBERT for a 25% discount and free shipping!

  13. After naps I do open free play with both kids. We always sing & dance to B, he loves it.

  14. I make sure he gets a good mix of quiet/chill time, stimulation/play/attention time, and his naps. During the day, his naps are with daylight and noise, wherever we are in the house (until he grows and gets on a real set nap schedule).

  15. I always make a shake around 3pm. See my postpartum recipes here.

  16. I have B use the swing & gym with his cards and other developmental activities a few times a day, even if its for 10min.

  17. I have B do tummy time twice a day when he is rested.

  18. We go on a family walk every evening at 630pm.

  19. We get dinner ready at 7pm and eat by 730pm.

  20. We go to our bedrooms (me with B, daddy with S) for night routines at 8pm. My night routine with B is: bath, low lights, shusher, massage, comb hair, PJs, feed. I place him in the bassinet with his paci and the shusher, and he falls asleep on his own.

  21. Once he is sleeping, I do my nighttime skincare routine and stretch for 5minutes before bed. If I feel like it do a 15min yoga flow.

  22. I spend time with my husband before bed, when both kids are sleeping usually by 9:30pm.

  23. I drink a warm cup of tea before bed.

I think I am not forgetting anything. And yes, it sounds simple but it is work. Plus, everything is trickier than it sounds when you add a toddler to the mix. But I wanted to focus on the newborn today!

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