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Turn Your Passion Into A Business

Updated: Oct 4, 2018

Starting your business is not easy, you have to spend loooooong hours and see zero dollars for a while. That is why it is so important for your business to be your passion, something you enjoy doing.

Here are my top tips to turning your passion into a business:

1. Your passion is most likely to be something you are already knowledgeable of, but remember, keep learning! Always enroll to workshops, online classes, read books, keep investing in learning about that field you'd love to make a profit in. Be an expert! Remember I offer my business coaching sessions to learn about launching or growing your own business!

2. Network with people within that field and, with people who have started their own business. Make sure you spend your valuable time with people who will motivate you, who you learn from.

3. Find what is missing in your field of passion. Look for the holes. Know what other businesses are doing but don't copy others. Create a strong business plan and define what makes YOU unique.

4. Surround yourself with others who share your lifestyle and understand you are going to be busy, all the time!

5. Stop listening to everyone else. Shut down the noise. You can create your own destiny

6. Don't worry if you majored in something completely different. You more likely are better doing something you love, than something you majored in.

7. Get help: when you are starting, if you can't hire an employee, get an intern. And also consider trading services with other companies, help each other out and grow. Don't be afraid to knock on doors.

8. Accomplish small goals and understand they are big. Don't bring yourself down if you are not making a lot of money, celebrate every small step. Every step counts. Keep motivating yourself.

9 . Dive in! There's no "perfect time" so go for it. Start with a name, website, logo, corporate emails... and start working on your business!

10. Tell everyone: Spread the word, it will be your passion so it will be extra easy to talk about it with everyone, dedicate time to send out press releases and try to get your word on some outlets too.


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