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Why I “Knew” I Was Having A Boy

There is no scientific evidence behind gut intuition or a clear vision of things. But I always “knew” I would have a girl first, and then a boy.

Of course.... I was super conscious of the possibility of being wrong. I have tons of friends who swore they were having a gender, and ended up with the opposite. Let’s face it, we have 50% chance of being right which is a pretty good chance 😆

But I had a strong feeling, not only through both pregnancies, but before. And I stuck with it.

Even before we tried to get pregnant with Sofia, my husband and I talked about our future with our kids, and called them by their names “Sofia and X (baby boy name)” when we spoke about it. I even have a video of a trip to the Philippines, where I was pregnant with Sofia but i didn’t know yet, and Nathan was talking about them using both of their names! Which is pretty crazy to look back to it.

Early in both pregnancies, I also had vivid dreams of both of them, I saw them (gender included) and felt them so real: which made me be reassured of their gender each time. Which could’ve totally been my subconscious talking, but I never saw them in any other dream before or after, than that one time in early pregnancy.

Finally, I also was hypnotized once, before kids, and I saw both of them, as older kids, with the age gap they’ll have. Which again could’ve been my subconscious talking, but, everything else I saw ended up happening too.

Who knows if the power of manifesting, who knows if I have a six sense, or who knows if it is all random luck! Whatever it is, I was right 😂😏😜 Jokes aside, I’ve always had a strong feeling of two baby souls joining my life, I felt them coming, and when Sofia was born, I felt like I had known her for so long already!

That’s why when they ask me if I’ll have a third, I say I’m totally open to the idea, and right now, I don’t feel like this is my last pregnancy, but I also know I may feel complete with two babies. So I’ll take it a day at a time and see as I go ✨

How about you? Were you right about your genders too? Did you have an intuition or nothing at all? Tell me your story!


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