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Work On Your PR/Marketing Plan

Updated: Oct 3, 2018

Creating an efficient PR and marketing plan is key for any business. If you don't have the budget (yet) to pay for a PR team, here are the main things to remember to successfully increase sales and grow your consumer base.

- Follow up with customers through email. Create an email data base and email campaign system where you can keep customers up to date on news, specials, events and deals!

- Use the power of social media: This strategy provides your clients a platform for engaging with your business by giving feedback and asking questions concerning your organization's products.

- Build your brand through Blogging: It may get the message out to prospective investors and customers!

- Create a unique message and image through all your platforms. Which will also help you develop your brand and recognition.

- Maintain good relationships with influencers and media editors. Once you have a good relationship with them it is much easier to get future publications or features in their outlets.

- Take the time to create and organize events: Celebrate openings, anniversaries and launches! Any excuse is the perfect opportunity to network and grow awareness.

Remember you can learn about all of this (social media strategies, branding, market positioning, growing your business and awareness, pitching, creating your message...) through my online business coaching sessions now available.


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