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Baby Solid Introduction: Menus week 1- 4

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

This by no means is what YOU need to do, just me sharing the foods I selected (along the help of my pediatric nutritionist Dra Mafer). And remember, this is MY plan, you can always adapt it to you or book an appointment with my pediatric nutritionist for a personalized plan for you, always the best option. Contact her here.

Below I will tell you why I chose these foods, but remember you can switch any food for your food of choice in that group instead! You can also change the 5 group order, that does not matter at ALL (what matters is what foods you pick first based on flavor intensity + high fiber + high water consistency + exact vitamins in each food that help brain & eye development, much needed in these first months of solids).

For more info make sure to read the other posts first

If you haven’t watched my interview with my pediatric nutritionist watch it here, so worth it!

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Banana: High in folic acid, iron, zinc, colin & luthein

- You can introduce as puree & pieces of mature and soft

- I add water to puree to make it more of a puree and not alter the flavor

Avocado: High in folic acid, iron, zinc, colin, luthein omega 3 & zeaxanthin

You can introduce as puree & pieces

- I add water to puree to make it more of a puree and not alter the flavor

Oats: Make sure they are non gmo, sugar free and fortified with iron

High in folic acid, iron and zinc

- I offer as cereal puree with water so it does not alter flavor

Butternut Squash: High in water (85%), folic acid, luthein & zeaxanthin

You can offer puree and steamed pieces

- You can store the puree for 4-7 days (but I make a batch for the 3 meals x day daily)

Egg: High in folic acid, iron, zinc, colin, luthein omega 3 & zeaxanthin

- I puree it with water for more liquid consistency + also offer scrambled as pieces

The last 3 days are the same because egg is an allergen and no new food needs to be introduced.


The last 3 days are the same because salmon is an allergen and no new food needs to be introduced.

Kiwi: high in fiber, perfect to help with any constipation. Plus high in folic acid, luthein & zeaxanthin

- If it’s mature & big enough, you can introduce a piece at this stage too, puree is also easy!

Flaxseed Oil: one of the most important healthy fats for proper development during this stage!

- Since it’s in oil form make sure to add it to another group (don’t introduce on its own) I like to add it on top of the veggie (on the steamed veggie or puree)

Quinoa: high in folic acid, luthein, colin & zeaxanthin

- Make sure it’s organic, non gmo

- I like to make my own puree, later on you can give as is for a different texture too!

Carrot: although cooked carrots may cause constipation, it’s one of the key foods to introduce in the early stages too due to its high nutrient content. this is why it’s great that we are combining (individually but same meal) with kiwi, for example.

- I introduce as puree first, as they grow steamed carrots are ok too, not raw yet.

Salmon: It’s an allergen so it needs to be introduced early and three days with no other new food! It’s high in all the key nutrients too, so important: folic acid, iron, zinc, colin, luthein omega 3 & zeaxanthin.

- Make sure it’s very cooked, not raw, you can give it in puree or cooked shredded pieces.


Apple: you can do puree or steamed apple pieces.

- it’s full of folic acid and low in the flavor level so it’s a good fruit to introduce first

Peanut Butter: its an allergen do it needs to be w three days in a row.

-It’s also a nut butter so we need to present it on top of another food/group in this case only, since it’s hard for them to eat on its own due to its consistency. On top if the steamed apple is perfect!

- Make sure it’s one ingredient peanut butter, no salt or other oils!

- This is one of the first allergens we need to introduce

Sweet Potato: it counts as a cereal, most frequently mistaken.

- one of the best first cereals to give full of all the nutrients they need

Black beans: his first plant protein

- High in folic acid, iron, zinc, & colin, amazing at the early stages for proper brain development!

Broccoli: high in folic acid, iron, zinc, colin & luthein. Also amaizng as one of the first veggies for neurological development.

- perfect steamed or puree!


Prunes: one of the foods that helps most with constiparon! I prepare it steaming the organic prunes and then purée with added water!

- high in folic acid

Olive Oil: add to another group, in this case I topped it on the salmon on Tuesday and on the wheat Fussili from Wednesday onward.

Wheat Fussili: wheat is an allergen so we need to give it to them three days with no new foods. Fussili is an easy pasta for the babies to hold as is. Make sure to cook it well so it’s on the soft side.

- high in folic acid

Garbanzo beans: for now, at 7 months, it’s best to purée. You can leave it chunky!

- high in folic acid, iron, zinc and colin

Zucchini: great watery and low flavor food. You can ofger steam or purée at this point.

-High in folic acid, iron and luthein.


To continue on week 5-8 check here.


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