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How To Avoid Getting Overwhelmed

Sure, doing a lot can get overwhelming. Here are the top things I have learned to do to to avoid feeling overwhelmed.

1. Planning the week every Sunday and knowing what to do each hour of the day helps me stay focused one task at a time.

2. The more organized you are the less overwhelmed you’ll get!

3. Understand (and be okay with) not all days being super productive, and that some days not much will get done.

4. Taking advantage of those productive days and work as hard as you can 7 days a week to balance it out.

5. Include one self care activity daily. See full list here!

6. Listen to your body and give it more time off when needed (understand the difference between needing off and feeling lazy).

7. Being aware and detecting when you are starting to feel overwhelmed, to stop what you are doing and take a walk/break.

8. If your baby is going rough a rough period (like Sofia teething) always remember that’s just a phase and they are only babies once! Try to enjoy the “bad” too, go out and distract them with extra activities even if it means having to be productive later at night/on the weekend to balance it out.

9. Take care of yourself. The better you feed yourself (healthy clean unprocessed nutrition) the more you exercise or stay active, the better you’ll feel and the more energy you’ll get to tackle things and not get overwhelmed. You can also find a list of foods I eat here and snacks I eat here (both support a healthy life, breastfeeding and a lean body). You can also see how I combine everything with an example of "what I eat in a day".

10. Plan trips & big activities (even if they are staycays) so you have a “routine break” to look forward to, which will make you work harder and get less overwhelmed about doing a lot.


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