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First Trimester Must Haves

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

This is a series of three posts where I will cover my trimester must-have items. From the 1st to the 4th, also known as postpartum.

So let's start with the first trimester, honestly, my least favorite! I personally have so much nausea and exhaustion, so these are the items that helped me most. Hope they can help you get through too!

1. Prenatal Vitamin. To prep and nourish my​ ​body​ through pregnancy, while ​helping​ support​ my baby's development! I make sure to choose one that has folate (not folic acid, the synthetic form that 40% of woman cant absorb), with 12 essential nutrients, vegan, non-gmo, gluten and allergen-free. No fillers, colorants, ​or​ shady additives​​, transparently sourced: I get Ritual. Use code Gimbert10 for ​a​ 10% off your first three months.

2. A good pregnancy app. Especially during the first trimester, you'll like to know what is happening in your body, and connect with other woman in the same stage as you to discuss your feelings. My favorites are Glow and Ovia. But there are so many popular ones like The Bump, What To Expect, Baby Center, and Mind The Bump.

3. Peppermint Tea. To ease bloating, digestive issues, sooth stomach. And it is caffeine free. Shop here.

4. Peppermint Essential Oil. You can diffuse it for nausea relief. Shop here.

5. Peppermint or Mint Gum. To help ease nausea.

6. Ginger Tea. Helps with nausea and it is also caffeine free. Shop here.

7. Ginger Pops. Helps with morning sickness. Shop here.

8. A Cute Water Bottle. Staying hydrated is EVERYTHING. Find a cute bottle that will make you want to carry it everywhere. With a straw helps. Shop here.

9. Body nourishment & moisture. To help your skin stretch and (help) prevent stretchmarks, even if you still don't have a belly, start now! Make sure it's a natural non-toxic blend. I love to use a butter in the morning (shop here) and an oil at night before bed (shop here).

10. Heartburn tea. I never had this symptom but I remember my midwifes recommending this tea in case I did. Always good to have in hand in case it kicks in anytime through pregnancy. Shop here.

11. Healthy snacks! Make sure you eat often, at least every hour, to help ease nausea. My fav things were healthy bars (shop here & other bars I love shop here), dark chocolate + dried fruit mix (shop here), peanut butter with fruit (shop here), pumpkin seeds (shop here) crackers, yogurt, fruit, shakes...

12. Magnesium. It helps with insomnia, relaxes the body, will help release stress, and with bowel movement. I take a scoop every night before bed through pregnancy. Shop here.

13. Electrolytes. You'll need extra hydration from now through the end of pregnancy and while nursing so adding these to the water will multiply your hydration intake. Shop with code LAURAGIMBERT for 25% off + free shipping here.

14. Comfy clothes. Even if you don't have a proper baby bump, you probably will bloat and be uncomfortable in anything tight! Comfy clothes for the home will be key.

You can also take a look at my full immunity boosting supplements here.

And my pregnancy supplements here

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